Mango Scented Doombagastalawa Estate FBOP

Produced from:
Doombagastalawa Estate, Ceylon

“Beautifully harmonious tea with clean,
fruit and honey notes.”


Fused with a mellow Doombagastalawa Estate Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe, the alluring flavor and aroma of tropical mango produces a refined and delicious tea. The single estate tea partners with the fragrant and sweet flavor of mango to produce a beautifully harmonious tea with clean, fruit and honey notes. A fragrant and luxurious tea.

Tasting notes


Tasting tea is an art that can be perfected only through experience. Experts undergo years of training in order to develop their pallet but even they can disagree on the variances of the character of the tea. All teas have a unique profile and we believe that there is a systematic approach towards tea tasting. It helps one relate the sensor character of tea to its terroir and the production process behind it- leaving you with a better understanding and appreciation for the liquor.


It is best to taste tea when you are in the right mindset- for many of us, that entails when we are full of energy and creativity. Only then can you appreciate the spirit of tea and experience a delicate balance of peace, comfort and finesse.



Medium/ fruity
Fragrant mango
About the estate
Produced from:
Doombagastalawa Estate, Ceylon


Dombagastalawa Estate was established in the late 18th Century and it is located in the Mid Country Nawalapitiya District, which offers extraordinary scenic beauty as well as outstanding teas. Dombagastalawa Estate tea is also analogous to a Syrah (a typed of dark-skinned grape) grown in warm but not hot climate areas, on steeper hilltops facing the sun. When infused, the tea evolves into a dark, coppery brown infusion with a biscuity taste.Often compared to Assam tea because of its somewhat intense flavour, it stands out on its own because of its medium bodied, deliciously dry and generous qualities. If steeped for approximately five minutes or longer, one will get to indulge in a tea that is not bitter and also very aromatic.