Somerset Estate BOP

Produced from:
Somerset Estate, Ceylon

“A formidable tea that the region has
ever produced.”


An even Broken Orange Pekoe leaf from an estate that is known for its bright and bold teas. The dark brown leaf evolving into a bright coppery infusion confirms the fine heritage of this tea. The regal red liquor offers the brisk, bright and full bodied tea that the Dimbula Valley is famous for. Medium bodied with intensity, a formidable tea that is equal to the finest teas that the picturesque region has ever produced.

Tasting notes


Tasting tea is an art that can be perfected only through experience. Experts undergo years of training in order to develop their pallet but even they can disagree on the variances of the character of the tea. All teas have a unique profile and we believe that there is a systematic approach towards tea tasting. It helps one relate the sensor character of tea to its terroir and the production process behind it- leaving you with a better understanding and appreciation for the liquor.


It is best to taste tea when you are in the right mindset- for many of us, that entails when we are full of energy and creativity. Only then can you appreciate the spirit of tea and experience a delicate balance of peace, comfort and finesse.



Bright/ medium
Mild/ citrus
About the estate
Produced from:
Somerset Estate, Ceylon


Somerset Estate is situated in the Dimbula Valley on the Western slopes of the Central Hills of Sri Lanka. This area is well known as the traditional tea growing area of the country where tea was first grown around the 1870s following the coffee blight. Teas produced in this region are generally classified as “Ceylon High Grown Dimbula”. January to March is the dry season in this region, during which fine quality Dimbula seasonal flavour teas are produced. The Estate features a combination of 49% old seedling China Jat Tea bushes and 51% VP (vegetatively propagated) bushes comprising mainly of quality cultivates. DTI (Drayton 1) and KO 145 (Kirkoswald) produce exquisite seasonal flavour teas, earning The Estate the reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s best selling Garden Marks.



High 30º
Low 22º
Average rainfall of 2700mm per annum
1402 - 1576m
above sea level
460 hectares